Wild Cravings

Din Tai Fung's Famous Truffle Oil Xiao Long Bao (HKD 120 for 6 pieces) - yes, every bite and drop of oil is extremely precious!
Din Tai Fun, Shop 3-9, G/F, 68 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay
Of course, one must not miss Ajisen's Tender Ribs Ramen! If there's single food I would be eating my entire life, this would probably be it.
Forever 21 Denim shirt/St. Michaels white top/Zara skirt and bag/Converse sneakers

Ok, I know words aren't enough, but I'll try my very best for you to understand my cravings! Remember the ice cream from my previous post? This is the milk that was used in making them. It says 3.6  (niú rǔ meaning "lait") and I believe this is the fat content that makes it ultimately rich, smooth and creamy.(ok i'm not intentionally scaring you on that part!) We've been trying to search for this brand and as usual, the more that you don't look for it the more it will appear! Anyway, as a milk-lover, I've tried several brands of Hokkaido milks and some just taste bland - more on like skim milk, overly processed. But this particular Hokkaido milk even top the regular full-cream milk brands I've tasted. It may sound exaggerated but it's really not ;) Even took a picture of it ( w/ my sis)!

Next! Din Tai Fung was originated in Taiwan and has one of the best xiao long bao so far vs HK's Crystal Jade. The first thing that's really surprising is how expensive it is! It's almost the same price to a Starbucks drink...per piece. Well it's not bad to try it out...We're talking about truffle here! Of course I posted food that impressed me most so verdict for this one: it did meet our expectations. Truffle oil was really mouthwatering in every bite:) But after every bite, you'll think about its price! haha  

And one thing that I cannot miss the most when going to Hong Kong is the Tender Ribs ramen from Ajisen. Like I said, if there's one food that I will be eating my entire life, this will probably be it or the one from Ippudo's! From the soup, the ramen, the meat, everything is heavenly delicious! Even ate it twice during my stay! I can say that it can certainly compete with Ippudo's ramen!

When it comes to food, words aren't really enough! Apologies! ;)

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thekellytang said...

haha I agree words are not enough to describe food! And I LOVEE din tai fung!! so yummy!

<3 Kelly

B.Inspired said...

I dream of going to Hong Kong someday. The last time I went to Taiwan was 1989...long time ago! The food looks amazing and I can't wait to see what you brought back from your trip! Shopping is amazing from what I've seen!

Danielle said...

i never had din tai fung, but it sounds yummy! i love your outfit - so simple!

derek said...

i love your casual look!!!
and the food looks yummy!!

Dana Paramita said...

cool! love your style sweety ;)
anyway thankyou for your sweet comment sweety! <3


Magda said...

hello¡¡¡ i like your blog¡¡ is very cool¡¡ i like your stylee¡¡ kisses From Mexico :)

the nyanzi report said...

love the casual look.

CessOviedo said...

Mmm yummie! Love your skirt, color is so pretty!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Cylia said...

yummm the food looks really good:)! love the smiles.

Lara Caselli said...

this food seems delicious!! and i loved your style!

p.s.: i'm following you :)


Carolyn said...

omg i LOVE truffle oil and i'm in hong kong right now for vacation so i must try that in DTF!! and i love ippudo ramen too so need to try ajisen!

RHEA said...

I would love to travel to Hong Kong someday :) But I live in Spain and It's very expensive traveling there. BTW That food looks delicious!!!

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