Touch of pink

Mango Jacket/ Vintage white top/ Zara pants & shoes/ Miu Miu tote bag/ H&M bracelet

I'm actually addicted to strappy heels like this and I can't seem to stop eyeing them.  It's the kind that will never go out of style for decades and definitely worth investing on it, agree? But I always bring a pair of flats because I know I wouldn't last long walking on it  :)

Wore this one with some pink colors to match the season and some cover up before the heat totally blows!


loveherb said...

Amazing look!


Lilli said...

so beautiful outfit, love it! xoxo

Sam said...

I feel like I;m looking at pics from one of those street style blogs...very savvy, chic and sophisticated. You are in instant classic!

Rachel Lynne said...

Love your bag and heels!!!!!

I am following you on BlogLovin', GFC and Lookbook!


lucia m said...

you look so stunning!



Mesmerize said...

you look so great! love your jacket, bag and hels! so chic look:)!

inglorious said...

love everything ! amazing hair- follow :)

truestorybro said...

U have a beautiful shoes and hair!:)

Allison said...

You look gorgeous! I love your Miu Miu tote!


Shawna Hynes said...

Gorgeous outfit!! Love the use of neutrals & the lovely pop of colour you added with the Miu Miu tote :) As for the strappy shoes, I definitely agree they are such a classic piece!

<3 Shawna
Serpentine Streets

Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) said...

I also bring flats with me any time I wear heels! I love the strappy heel trend, but I never buy them because they make my feet hurt! :( sighhh. this look is incredibly stunning though! :)

daydream frenzy

Dearest Lou said...

Absolutely love this outfit darling you look so dang pretty! I carry around a comfy pair of shoes in my bag if I ever wear heels just in case the pain in unbearable later in the day! However, your heels look so amazing with this outfit<3


Claireta Teressa said...

just found your blog.
super love your blog.following you now
mind to follow back?thanks


PS ; i love your hair

Alazne said...

i love your shoes!



Marouane B. said...

This really cute ! Love your pants and shoes !
follow each other ?


yiqin; said...

you look great <3

truestorybro said...

I followed U too!:)


your look so cute!!lovely blog!!xoxo

malamajka said...

you look great. I love it!
If You want we can follow each other?


two birds said...

those shoes are great! and i love the touch of pink...so pretty and romantic!

iamchiara said...

I love your outfit posts! Please keep them coming! I am now following! :)


Always Maylee said...

You look amazing, so chic! Love the jacket just draped over your shoulders and those heels are perfect.

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

truestorybro said...

I'm waiting for the new post! :)

Kim said...

me too! i've been obsessing over these shoes for awhile...

found the route

Fashion Blends said...

Hi Pauline thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. I looked for those Celine sunglasses for a while too - finally got them. Thanks for following, I am following you too


Borjana said...

Amazing look,sweetie!Love how you added color with that chic bag;)

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Ang Lam said...

You look fabulous in this outfit dear!!! Very beautiful blog, wanna follow each other?


Jessille said...

amazing look:)
mind to fllw each other?

Martina said...

great look!!! I'm so in this kind of sandals too, it seems like after chunky heels for almost two years, the sexy elegant and fine heels are here to stay! anyway, you've got legs to wear them! xx

Elle-Living in Color said...

hey girl! you are really pretty- love your outfit. thank you for visiting my blog! I love your style- i'm going to follow you. i hope you'll visit my blog again soon, so you can follow back! <3
xo, elle from Living in Color.

Ang Lam said...

I am your new follower :)


aldara camoiras said...

Hey i love your blog, you have style. I follow you since now, visit my blog and follow me too if you want ;) ( we can follow each other on google, facebook, twitter and bloglovin)

with love ^^


ThinkOrange said...

I absolutely love this look!<3
And your hair<3


Anthea Lau said...

thanks hon you are so pretty and those jeans are amazing!
thanks for commenting on my blog, following you now!

Mystic Lipstick said...

Nice pics!Do you want to follow each other? :D
Loads of kisses.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Marija - This is a fashion blog! said...

Lovely heels! :DD

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