What I've been up to!

Bridal and Avantgarde looks

Makeup Artist: Me
Model: Hazel Lim ( sister)
Hair Stylist: Courtesy of HD Makeup Studio and Academy

Yup! Last month, I finished the HD Beauty and Fashion Makeup Course at the HD Makeup Studio and Academy ( formerly known as Basement Academy).  The whole experience was like a fast-forward one, not only because I took up the weekday class but new techniques and concepts were taught and applied daily. 

I can say that what makes this school unique is that they teach HD (Hi-Definition) Makeup up as a basic course and your skills will surely adapt and jump entirely at a faster rate, along with the application of each lessons. Details and constructive criticisms were taken with no pressure (why? there is just none...) making the whole experience a lot more fun and at an entirely different level. What I also love about it is that they only not teach the methods but also guide and share the values and tips on how to be a professional makeup artist at today's competitive world. 

I must admit that although this class really squeezed out my entire energy, it's all worth it. 

This post is actually an initial idea of why I've taken up classes and what I'm cooking lately. I'm really excited to share it with you! (SOON!)

PS: Thanks to Sir Jeave Gabiana and Ms. Stef Chua-Sing for sharing your knowledge.

Thanks to my sister Hazel as well for modeling! If not being my sister, she will never ever do this. Till then!


Chyrel Gomez said...

Amazing skills you got. I honestly want to try and learn how to apply make-up but I'm so lazy. Bought myself a red lipstick though.

Congrats, btw!

lizchewy said...

Congratulations for completing the course. It sounds like such a wonderful experience.


poziomka said...

Wow! Great job!!

Mesmerize said...

wow!!! so amazing photos<3

Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris Blog said...

Lovely photos and make up!!!

MacVB said...

One of my frustrations! I watch Youtube tutorials but after I try it on myself the result is drastically different. Haha!

I love your blog!

Daughter of Summer,


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