Outfit / Second take

Vintage men's shirt/ Zara pants/ Massimo Dutti heels and bag

I always always want to dress comfortably and when I'm in a high lethargic mood, I usually grab lose shirts like this one. I know it seems I stole it from my brother's closet ( yes I do have one brother ) but in fact no one really owns it so happy smiles for me :) You can match it up with any item in your closet...May it be your favorite jeans or skirts, leather or lace! Since I'm in this burgundy or oxblood palette zone, I paired it up with this leggings similar to what I was wearing before HERE. You can be as simple as you can be!

On another thought, I was really surprised to see how light may hair color have become from last year witnessing the current photos. It was becoming so light due to washing and I think I should go dark again. What do you think?:)



Sam said...

Hi dear, this is the definition of effortlessly chic, you've put this look together so well!

Chyrel Gomez said...

Yeah, go dark on the hair color. Also, love wearing men's button downs. It makes me feel sexy. Haha!

And I'm guessing the bike on your previous post is owned by your brother? =)

Sara said...

You look so chic! LOVE your outfit!


Work Hard, Stay Humble said...

i really like your outfits. great style :)

Hannah Rosette said...

Hi, I've got those same Zara pants in navy and in black. You are making me wish I got he maroon too. I really like your take on it! Pairing it with the white button down looks very chic!
Please check out my blog when you get the chance and let me know if you follow me so I can follow you right back! Thank you.

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