Inglot Lip Defense Treatment
Inglot Volume & Waterproof Mascara
( Topman tee )

You've probably heard about the raves of the Polish cosmetic brand INGLOT, which is known for their massive range of color selection and their concept of Freedom System! And I am ecstatic about the next paths this brand will be taking. But before I unveil what's not suppose to at the moment, let me share some of my discoveries apart from their famous eyeshadows! 

I opt to experiment with two products only ( which I would probably choose as top necessity with the extreme hot weather going on.) When it comes to mascaras, I tend to go for volume rather than length, I just prefer it and it looks more natural on me. I also  have a massive aversion to any clumping and these are my main concerns when looking for a mascara. WIth this one, I love how light the handle is, giving me more freedom to move with an effortless application. I have no photo of the bristles, but I absolutely adore how it captures every strand of my lashes, no clumps at all. Especially being waterproof, it will as well hold your lashes up. And it did! 

I'm also particular to having dry lips and I strongly suggest any lip balm or treatment is a must to every woman's (or man's) kit! What's unique about Inglot's is it's paraben free and it contains Vitamin E and primrose, with acai fruit oil and pomegranate seeds oil for more hydration and regeneration of dry and irritated skin. Yup! In fact it is also recommended for men. 

If you're to choose any top two products you can't live without this summer, what would it be? 



Rachel Lynne said...

You look very pretty dear!

Mili said...

I've heard about good things about their products! You look very pretty bare faced :) If I had to pick two summer items it would be bobbi brown tinted moisturizer and diorshow mascara :)

Mili from call me, Maeby

kdawnsy said...

You look very pretty and natural dear. :)Makes me wanna try it!


Sylwia Dolores said...

It's a nice surprise that you are using Polish cosmetics! Also I like them very much, especially the eye shadows and nail polishes;)
You look beautiful sooo natural!
Kisses xx

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