Trick or Treat!

Tarte's Glamour Me Cheek Stain

10 by Benefit (Bronzer/Highlighter Blush)

Dandelion by Benefit

I've been busy for the past few months and I know I haven't updated this for a while. Still, I'll try my best to do so...Apologies! In return, let me share to you some random purchases and gifts from last month...What a good way to celebrate a little trick or treat here! Ok let's start!
Tarte's True Blood Glamour Me Cheek Stain - I have been a continuous fan of the series and one would not let pass on this one! And yes, I'm glamoured by the color...and it's just simply stunning! But don't be fooled, the color is just a sheer light red with wide specks of shimmer.  Just dab onto your cheeks and blend it with your fingers. Just right for that perfect red glow! 

Stila Eye Palette - I never imagined one that could compete and be at par with Urban Decay's Naked. Yes, it's true. My relatives got it for me as an early birthday present (way way way early!) but I'm not complaining though ;) Going back, what's amazing about it is the quality and the pigment it offers as compared to Naked. One touch and there's really a lot..A very good investment. Although Naked gives a wider variety of similar colors, Stila opts to have limited but more diverse and good choices of colors. This is indeed one of the best eye palettes I've tried. Even the people who gave this to me also got one palette each for themselves. Now you believe me? ;)

Of course, who wouldn't be in love with the amazing box blushes by Benefit cosmetics? My top pick is 10 which is a bronzing/highlighting face blush. I'm loving the neutral glow it gives for an everyday look! On the other hand, one of their bestsellers is the Dandelion, a sheer baby pink that gives off a morning glow effect.

They have become good playmates of mine

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My Make up Must Have - Guerlain Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder

I'm not too much of a fan when it comes to illuminating or highlighting products. I just don't see much of a big difference wearing them; ergo I don't invest on it. But I eventually gave in the thought of trying this particular Météorites Perles by Guerlain, tempted and enticed as they gaze at me. So I dusted the lovely pearls all over my face, initial reaction: "This is amazing! How can I glow like this?" True enough, it really live up to my expectation. 

I actually wanted a warmer and darker tone to my face, so I decided to hunt down the Harmony 02 Teint Beige, that gives a warm glow to the skin. Guerlain's Météorites Perles actually has 3 shades: 
01 Teint Rose- transparent illuminating effect that reduces redness
02 Teint Beige - warm glow effect on the skin
03 Teint Dore - brings out a bright golden complexion, bronzer effect on the skin

Rated the product a 10/10! This is definitely a makeup must have!  

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Wild Cravings

Din Tai Fung's Famous Truffle Oil Xiao Long Bao (HKD 120 for 6 pieces) - yes, every bite and drop of oil is extremely precious!
Din Tai Fun, Shop 3-9, G/F, 68 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay
Of course, one must not miss Ajisen's Tender Ribs Ramen! If there's single food I would be eating my entire life, this would probably be it.
Forever 21 Denim shirt/St. Michaels white top/Zara skirt and bag/Converse sneakers

Ok, I know words aren't enough, but I'll try my very best for you to understand my cravings! Remember the ice cream from my previous post? This is the milk that was used in making them. It says 3.6  (niú rǔ meaning "lait") and I believe this is the fat content that makes it ultimately rich, smooth and creamy.(ok i'm not intentionally scaring you on that part!) We've been trying to search for this brand and as usual, the more that you don't look for it the more it will appear! Anyway, as a milk-lover, I've tried several brands of Hokkaido milks and some just taste bland - more on like skim milk, overly processed. But this particular Hokkaido milk even top the regular full-cream milk brands I've tasted. It may sound exaggerated but it's really not ;) Even took a picture of it ( w/ my sis)!

Next! Din Tai Fung was originated in Taiwan and has one of the best xiao long bao so far vs HK's Crystal Jade. The first thing that's really surprising is how expensive it is! It's almost the same price to a Starbucks drink...per piece. Well it's not bad to try it out...We're talking about truffle here! Of course I posted food that impressed me most so verdict for this one: it did meet our expectations. Truffle oil was really mouthwatering in every bite:) But after every bite, you'll think about its price! haha  

And one thing that I cannot miss the most when going to Hong Kong is the Tender Ribs ramen from Ajisen. Like I said, if there's one food that I will be eating my entire life, this will probably be it or the one from Ippudo's! From the soup, the ramen, the meat, everything is heavenly delicious! Even ate it twice during my stay! I can say that it can certainly compete with Ippudo's ramen!

When it comes to food, words aren't really enough! Apologies! ;)

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Highway to infinity

leather bracelets from HK fashion fair
International Commerce Centre (ICC, West Kowloon, HK) - 4th tallest building in the world
Harry Potter World at Timesquare Causway Bay
Yes. I got excited seeing this! Won't post pics or you might end up scrolling for an hour. Kidding! 
Satay soup
Fried Soft Shell Crab
9/F, Causeway Bay Plaza 1. Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Green tea+Hokkaido milk/Citys'uper's Kasho Chaya, Hongkong

H&M Blazer/Zara pants and bag/DP sandals/Bracelet leather straps-HK

Wishing to go back badly! I can certainly have 2 servings of this ice cream! God, It's driving me insane! ;) 
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H&M kimono/Zara pants and Bag

I've been eyeing this bag for at least quite a while now...I couldn't even imagine myself having it before :) Anyway moving on, the kimono has a design of bright splotches scattered all over if you look at it closely. Still perfect for the summer season (except in my home country). It's been raining non-stop...Hope it gets better soon!;)
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Black and White

Vintage black top/Topshop shorts/Forever21 shoes/Gucci bag

When in doubt, nothing can go wrong for a simple black and white outfit! ;)

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Black crochet shorts

Random black top/Topshop blazer/vintage crochet shorts/Charles and Keith flats/Nails:Pedal to the Metal by Sally Hansen

I love how crochets can generate a sweet and feminine vibe to any outfit! The details on the hem of these shorts certainly spelled it. Paired it up with a basic top and blazer to balance it out. ;)

(Metallic nails are back:) I genuinely adore this futuristic shade!)

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Barely There

Topshop top/Zara black top/forever21 shorts/Parisian Shoes

I have a huge mania when it comes to polos. Huge.. Even if they seem to have the same look, each piece has its own unique details. But unlike this one, I'm amazed how this significantly deviated from the status quo. Not only that there are huge openings at the back, its asymmetrical cut made me more curious to try it out. Seriously, I'd never thought I would end up getting this, it just so happened that the moment I tried it out, I'm completely sold 101% right away! No second thoughts. 

Moving on, these shoes have been in the shoe rack for almost a year now and I'm surprised that Alexander Wang came up a design almost similar to this one! Almost.. Parisian's really stepping up! Agree?:)   
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Today I don't feel like doing anything

 old St. Michaels coral top/Vintage maxi skirt/Topshop belt/Aldo shoes/vintage bag

Rain and shine...Again,the weather is getting too unpredictable these days. ;) 

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My little playing field

Zara blazer/ plain black top/old Escada trousers/Converse shoes/Swatch watch/Mythos accessories

It's been a while since I've worn these sneakers. It's time to give it some action and play around with it. Mixing and pairing it up along with some old pieces ;) 
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 random top/vintage blazer, bag/Zara jeans and shoes

These orange heels immediately caught my attention. It's perfect to jazz up a casual look!

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Inspiration: Heat Wave

The weather nowadays is unpredictable! Yesterday it's warm and sunny, today it's gloomy and rainy..The weird thing is when I'm in one of these weathers, I always wish and look for the other one. So here is what I'm looking for in this particular moment. Don't we just appreciate the sun's warmth even more? ;)


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