Vintage top / H&M bf jeans / Zara belt & boots / Michael Kors Runway watch / Ray Ban sunglasses

I once believed that classic green/black aviators and wayfarers would be enough to keep me alive. But I guess my judgment proved me otherwise.. or maybe not. Still an aviator one but went for their limited flash lens series (Yup, I was lured by my cousin). Being limited also means it is literally running out of stock in stores. So if you catch sight of them, better think twice before you let them go.. I once did and almost regret not being able to have it! So far, what do you think of mirrored lenses? Yay or nay?

And because it's burning hot outside, I decided to wear a sheer vintage floral top, combined with bf jeans with my most favorite boots!



Stradivarius blazer / Bench men's tee / Escada trousers / Topshop belt / Massimo Dutti heels / Inglot nail polish

Hello there! I must say that through countless variations of mixing and matching, I'm still attached to an all white look. But on a last minute, why not bring some vividness to it? Is red vivid enough?

What do you think? Happy weekend! :)




Inglot Lip Defense Treatment
Inglot Volume & Waterproof Mascara
( Topman tee )

You've probably heard about the raves of the Polish cosmetic brand INGLOT, which is known for their massive range of color selection and their concept of Freedom System! And I am ecstatic about the next paths this brand will be taking. But before I unveil what's not suppose to at the moment, let me share some of my discoveries apart from their famous eyeshadows! 

I opt to experiment with two products only ( which I would probably choose as top necessity with the extreme hot weather going on.) When it comes to mascaras, I tend to go for volume rather than length, I just prefer it and it looks more natural on me. I also  have a massive aversion to any clumping and these are my main concerns when looking for a mascara. WIth this one, I love how light the handle is, giving me more freedom to move with an effortless application. I have no photo of the bristles, but I absolutely adore how it captures every strand of my lashes, no clumps at all. Especially being waterproof, it will as well hold your lashes up. And it did! 

I'm also particular to having dry lips and I strongly suggest any lip balm or treatment is a must to every woman's (or man's) kit! What's unique about Inglot's is it's paraben free and it contains Vitamin E and primrose, with acai fruit oil and pomegranate seeds oil for more hydration and regeneration of dry and irritated skin. Yup! In fact it is also recommended for men. 

If you're to choose any top two products you can't live without this summer, what would it be? 




Topman Tee / Zara skirt & heels / Promod jacket / Balenciaga bag / H&M necklace

I was literally hopeless looking for this skirt in my size until the past couple of days! I actually got the black version of it, expecting it would somehow compensate the loss ( and it didn't.) But sometimes, luck hovers and more and more figured out I can't missed the chance of switching it! 

In fact, this is a "skort" but I don't find the term very appealing; hence I go for skirt!



Team Paris by MISBHV 
Romwe skirt
Zara heels
Club Manhattan bracelet

Each item on this list is really meaningful to me. I'm currently preoccupied! 



Mango jacket ( old) / Zara shirt / Uniqlo jeans / Sperry Topsider shoes / Balenciaga bag

It was one of those moments when I was about to wear something contrast but ended up with monochromes again. So a twist of gold Topsider spins the look a little more! 

Wuhoo, have an amazing weekend! xx



Mango blazer (old) / Giordano Tee / Topshop shorts / Zara flats 

Perhaps we should all agree that the caption says it all. Here's me giving a go to a white suit for summer which my mind has been yearning for a while. How much do you like monochromes?




Infinity pool / Sunset Tower
Topshop Men's Tee / Zara shorts / Balenciaga Velo bag / Havaianas slippers / Mango shades

Off to the north last weekend as we accompanied one of our special guests to see a spectacular sight of our country! No thinking was made than to reveal the famous beach spots needless to say, and Anvaya Cove practically is the nearest place around Manila, with the finest sand so far. 

Unlike any other resorts, I love the privacy and freedom it provides. Not overpopulated nor too busy. The view on the last photo was from the sunset tower and what more to ask than breathing the fresh sea air and enjoying some peace and quiet atmosphere? Well for me, I'm fulfilled! 



Topshop coat / Mango tee / Zara shorts & flats / Bally bag / Rayban shades

A lot would be asking why wear such coat during an incredibly burning weather. I have no idea really! Slightly oversized jackets gives me a lot of predicament to fathom, deliberating on whether it would serve me well through out the year or not. However, I don't mind.. I just might need to master the skill to wear them from time to time...surely compensated by summer pieces that I'm wearing today!




New Yorker leather jacket / Bench tee / Zara leather skirt & shoes / Balenciaga bag

How did I managed to wear this red leather jacket despite the hot weather? It just truly  explains how I miss this piece! Well, maybe not a bad idea to add some color for summer..along with these dearly leopard sandals. I'm instantly sold! 



Zara blazer (old) / Bench Tee / Uniqlo jeans / Nike shoes / Zara bag

Comfiest of all! 
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