Minimal State

Vintage blazer/ Bench men's shirt/ Zara pants/ Converse shoes/ Michael Kors bag/ China Glaze "Trendsetter" nails

Black, white, grey. I can't seem to comprehend how these simple colors can actually make a statement. I love the simplicity it creates and thought of pairing up with none other than a pair of comfy sneakers.

It's Friday again! Work days have been flying really fast due to holidays. Not that I'm complaining :) 


What I've been up to!

Bridal and Avantgarde looks

Makeup Artist: Me
Model: Hazel Lim ( sister)
Hair Stylist: Courtesy of HD Makeup Studio and Academy

Yup! Last month, I finished the HD Beauty and Fashion Makeup Course at the HD Makeup Studio and Academy ( formerly known as Basement Academy).  The whole experience was like a fast-forward one, not only because I took up the weekday class but new techniques and concepts were taught and applied daily. 

I can say that what makes this school unique is that they teach HD (Hi-Definition) Makeup up as a basic course and your skills will surely adapt and jump entirely at a faster rate, along with the application of each lessons. Details and constructive criticisms were taken with no pressure (why? there is just none...) making the whole experience a lot more fun and at an entirely different level. What I also love about it is that they only not teach the methods but also guide and share the values and tips on how to be a professional makeup artist at today's competitive world. 

I must admit that although this class really squeezed out my entire energy, it's all worth it. 

This post is actually an initial idea of why I've taken up classes and what I'm cooking lately. I'm really excited to share it with you! (SOON!)

PS: Thanks to Sir Jeave Gabiana and Ms. Stef Chua-Sing for sharing your knowledge.

Thanks to my sister Hazel as well for modeling! If not being my sister, she will never ever do this. Till then!


Shoe Lust

Zara heels
Zara studded loafers
Celine sandals
Zara gold shoes 

Photos courtesy of stylescrapbook, afterDrk & fashionvibe-blog

Just a quick post of what I'm lusting over the past weeks..or months. I found some of these photos (last 2 photos) on my desktop while cleaning and added more, which I have been eyeing lately. What are your picks? 



Zara top, shorts/ Converse shoes/ Celine bag

It's not usual for me to wear bright, neon pieces but I actually liked to celebrate it today before Ber month starts! I simply adore wearing comfy outfits by combining it with white shorts and my favorite sneakers, with this vintage Celine bag.

Also wore a messy braid bun to complete the look! Hope you liked it! xx


Sweet summertime

Old Esprit top/Zara pants and shoes/ Balenciaga city rose gold hardware/Rayban sunnies

I usually go for a simple look or color whenever I throw on some statement pieces like this one. Before, I'm quite hesitant on this particular color (of the bag) as my palette always rotates around neutrals. But once worn, I surprisingly loved it! Giving this look a little bit more feminine or sweet touch won't hurt right? :)


It's time sunshine!

Zara top, shorts,belt/Toms shoes/ Gucci tote bag/ H&M bracelet

Our country had experienced another challenge, and proved once again how united and compassionate the Filipinos were. Last week, almost everyone struggled (both physically and emotionally) due to the monsoon that brought torrential rains that lasted hours, and flooded the whole town. Everyone was just praying and hoping for the rain to stop especially seeing how people have to evacuate from their homes, looking for food and shelter, in search of missing people... It was really heartbreaking. But every action was taken place; rescue teams risked their lives and continuous help from every institution was there. 

Thank God that there's always a rainbow after the rain. Today was the moment the sun showed up again - and went for a sunny day look! Hope you like it.

Again, I wish for a fast recovery to our country! xx


Shades of grey

Forever21 sweater/Jessica suit pants/Topshop belt/Promod shoes/Massimo Dutti bag/H&M bracelet/ China Glaze "High Hopes" nailpolish

I know you've been thinking about it.. But I didn't mean to create this outfit because of the Fifty Shades of Grey book I swear. I just found this and forgot to post this specific look which was my mood at that time :)

Recently, I've been really busy working on a new business and I really hope it turns out tremendously well, hence for the slow posts! Fingers crossed. I will surely fill you in the near future. Can't wait!

For now, I hope you like this "grey" look! xx

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