Painting the Town Red

Vintage white top/Topshop pants/Zara Sandals/Forever21 neckpiece

I've had this pants stocked up for a year now and it's really the best time to give it some fresh air. I'd actually thought I wouldn't wear them again since I'm not really fond of wearing RED, especially as a top. Sadly, I sometimes take this color for granted. But I don't know, I just keep wearing this color from time to time and I guess it's calling me this summer. Certain things are just irresistible to not fall in love with again :) 

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Isn't it that every woman dreams to have her own chamber of paradise? Well, here is my illusion of it:) I couldn't help but gaze at this closet and I can actually imagine myself fixing my own things and hang them one by one at these bars with a big smile on my face. But apart from that, these army of clothes are just incredible and I could hardly ever replace them. These are even the ones I adore particularly the styles and the colors - especially the neutrals and of course having a palette of blacks, greys and whites accompanied by a hint of bright colors. I guess this is just one of the closets I'm dreaming to have. What would be your ideal closet? :)

Images courtesy of Kim Jacobs by allaboutthestyle.blogspot.com

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Bikini Pink by Bobbi Brown

Sweet Nectar, Soft Coral, Bikini Pink
(Last photo was taken from Temptalia.com)

Summer is here and what else can go wrong for a perfect soft pink lips? This color is one of the Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Collection and as described by her, it is "lightweight, yet intense" and the formulation is "creamy and moisturizing." True enough, the color is very rich even with just one swipe and glides smoothly throughout the lips, giving that even texture and featherweight feel. What I also love is that it has an added spf on it. :)

This probably has become my most favorite soft pink lipstick up to date :) 

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Covered in Pink

Zara blazer/Esprit top/Forever 21 pants/ Zara boots/Hugo Boss bag

While I was skimming through the internet, I instantly fell in love with this blazer ever since I laid my eyes on it. Unfortunately, it was still not available in the stores during that time so all I can do is wait and wait and wait for that perfect day. It is indeed a love at first sight experience :) 

Although I'm not too much of a fan of bright colors, this is ultimately an exception. It is also the perfect moment to embrace the color blocking trend don't you think? I believe that a burst of color can really spice up a look! :) 

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