Black and White

Vintage black top/Topshop shorts/Forever21 shoes/Gucci bag

When in doubt, nothing can go wrong for a simple black and white outfit! ;)

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Black crochet shorts

Random black top/Topshop blazer/vintage crochet shorts/Charles and Keith flats/Nails:Pedal to the Metal by Sally Hansen

I love how crochets can generate a sweet and feminine vibe to any outfit! The details on the hem of these shorts certainly spelled it. Paired it up with a basic top and blazer to balance it out. ;)

(Metallic nails are back:) I genuinely adore this futuristic shade!)

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Barely There

Topshop top/Zara black top/forever21 shorts/Parisian Shoes

I have a huge mania when it comes to polos. Huge.. Even if they seem to have the same look, each piece has its own unique details. But unlike this one, I'm amazed how this significantly deviated from the status quo. Not only that there are huge openings at the back, its asymmetrical cut made me more curious to try it out. Seriously, I'd never thought I would end up getting this, it just so happened that the moment I tried it out, I'm completely sold 101% right away! No second thoughts. 

Moving on, these shoes have been in the shoe rack for almost a year now and I'm surprised that Alexander Wang came up a design almost similar to this one! Almost.. Parisian's really stepping up! Agree?:)   
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Today I don't feel like doing anything

 old St. Michaels coral top/Vintage maxi skirt/Topshop belt/Aldo shoes/vintage bag

Rain and shine...Again,the weather is getting too unpredictable these days. ;) 

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My little playing field

Zara blazer/ plain black top/old Escada trousers/Converse shoes/Swatch watch/Mythos accessories

It's been a while since I've worn these sneakers. It's time to give it some action and play around with it. Mixing and pairing it up along with some old pieces ;) 
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