Zara jumper / H&M bf jeans / Converse

 I usually grab for comfort and ended up with these pieces..How basic can one go? And the best item ever are these can't-live-without sneakers.. It's amazing how old it is but never gets outdated! Simple uniform I would say :) xx  



Topshop hat / Zara Kimono / Bench tee / H&M jeans / Zara shoes

The famous fedora hat made it to my closet as well! I love it and I wish I could wear them more:) I styled it with classic tee, jeans and an old warm kimono. xx



H&M sweater / Zara skirt / Blazer ( vintage ) / Nike sneakers

Relaxed and a bit of sporty describe my current mood lately. I've been excited especially this season because it means lots of big knits, leathers, jackets and everything dark, really. Although fall is non existent in this country, still no reasons not to do some layerings. 

Happy week!:)



Zara blazer, jeans & shoes / Giordano tee / Louis Vuitton Alma bag / Michael Kors Runway watch

To be perfectly honest, my trashed jeans' almost overworn...but I would still gladly take them out which validates this love relationship thing going on..And I promise some exploratory journey is happening to not bore you out :)  

It's finally November and this means loads and loads of preparation and work for me!  I can't even sleep regularly these days! Any tips? :)  


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