Outfit / Leather and Red

  New Yorker leather jacket/ Zara shirt/ Mango shorts/ Zara shoes/ Celine bag
As promised, here is another jacket post. I was delighted to find this red leather shade. Not too bright as to my preference. I got this several months ago in a business trip from Germany and this really completes every girl's closet. ( Although we really don't have any limits when it comes to these things!)
As for the look, I dressed it down with grey and white tones to balance it out and the shorts was actually a pair of jeans which I cut on my own. I just prefer it that way! :)


Outfit / Rice husks

 Forever21 denim top/ Uniqlo pants/ Escada shoes (old) / Massimo Dutti bag/ Ray Ban shades
Rice is undoubtedly the main food staple of our country and self-sufficiency is an issue for the longest time. It was more than 10 years since we started a hybrid rice research and production has been continuously helping Filipino farmers to increase their yield and seed exportation is expanding. This innovative technology is really a blessing!
So without further a due, here are some shots taken with what looks like sand! These rice husks coat every single grain of white and brown rice that we eat which was removed from the milling process. This view absolutely deserves some justice, ergo the photos :)
Remember that every grain counts! :)  Have a great Monday everyone!


Outfit / Blue over B&W

Zara blazer (old)/ Mango white top/ Zara trousers/ Zara flats/ Celine bag
I couldn't remember how I was excited seeing this blue blazer several years ago. My jacket addiction has become stronger as ever and I think you'll be seeing more jackets jackets jackets soon! I styled it down with classic black & white pieces to kick the blue color out!
Hope you like today's look and happy that we are having a long weekend this time! xx


Time piece


Mango blazer/ Old black top/ Zara jeans/ Topshop shoes/ Mulberry bayswater bag/ Michael Kors Runway watch
I've been longing for this watch ever since and I couldn't believe I was able to get it! There's just something about me being attracted to anything oversized :) 


Outfit / Baroque

Zara knit / Zara jeans/ Massimo Dutti heels/ Zara bag/  Fossil watch/  Apostrophe shades 

I know what your thinking! But the shades are only Prada-inspired when I came across the shop but who would have thought right? :) They had it in black too but this was the last piece on hand. At the same time, I've been on the look out for a pair of shades and I'm really eyeing on SUPER and Celine ones! I've been looking and canvassing for a while and my wish list is becoming long, this has to end..which I doubt :(

As for today's look, I really love the fit of this knit. Paired it with jeans and this bag for a pop of color! I wish for a happy weekend to everyone! :)  xx


New In: Details

Mango jacket and top

I was so happy to receive some good news this week and these pieces describe exactly what I'm feeling lately! The mix of textures from the jacket and this sequined top is so excited and dancing with joy with me! :) It may be far too long before I announce it but I will truly keep a heads up once everything is settled :)  



Outfit / Navy

Forever 21 sweater/ Zara skirt/ Zara shoes/ Mulberry Bayswater bag

I'm always on a lookout for sweaters even though we don't experience fall. It's just goes well with everything - you know what I mean :)  Unfortunately it's just impossible to do some layering with our kind of weather, thus wearing it solo.

I'm forever drawn into street style or any off duty looks. It is mainly my source of inspiration and I'm currently obsessed with jumpers or any oversized knits paired with pencil skirts.  This is a classic street style look! 

Hope you like it! xx 


Outfit / Embellished

 Topshop sweater/ Zara shorts/ Topshop shoes/ Massimo Dutti bag

I was so happy to see this sweater and the embellishment that surrounds the neck is fantastic! It's Saturday and almost mid-October! Time really is fast.

Hope you like today's look! 


Outfit / Second take

Vintage men's shirt/ Zara pants/ Massimo Dutti heels and bag

I always always want to dress comfortably and when I'm in a high lethargic mood, I usually grab lose shirts like this one. I know it seems I stole it from my brother's closet ( yes I do have one brother ) but in fact no one really owns it so happy smiles for me :) You can match it up with any item in your closet...May it be your favorite jeans or skirts, leather or lace! Since I'm in this burgundy or oxblood palette zone, I paired it up with this leggings similar to what I was wearing before HERE. You can be as simple as you can be!

On another thought, I was really surprised to see how light may hair color have become from last year witnessing the current photos. It was becoming so light due to washing and I think I should go dark again. What do you think?:)



Outfit / Picket Fence

  Topman polo shirt/ Zara skirt and shoes/ Bally bag / Ray Ban sunglasses

I was wearing this all burgundy look and I happened to chance this white picket fence along the vicinity! I feel so country with this plaid shirt and I think I only needed a pair of boots and maybe a herd to complete the theme!

I immensely love this color especially for the season and I really wish we have autumn in our country. 

Hope you like today's look!



  Zara white dress /attended a wedding
My ultimate favorite caramel macchiato / UCC Cafe
Phantom of the Opera stage /So happy I've got to watch the original Christine - Claire Lyon!
Beef and vegetable lasagna / Cafe Publico 
Zara heels
Giant strawberries
Latest look

Just some random photos via instagram! You can follow me at username @paulinelaverne :)
 Have a blessed weekend guys! 
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