Oversized vest

Sportsmax vest/ Forever21 tank/ Zara pants/ Promod shoes/ Massimo Dutti tote bag/ HK leather strap

It's really fun to bring back pieces that's been hidden decades in the closet.  This vest actually comes with a pair of trousers but I decided to wear it alone first with some basic pants and heels! Never be afraid to experiment old pieces :) 


Summer Foundation Must-haves

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua ( 10 Beige)
Shu Uemura Mousse Foundation  ( 7YR-L Light Beige)

Ok, time for some make up post! I know a lot have been switching their foundation routine especially during summer time. For me, these products really work wonders in combating humid and sticky weather.  I use it everyday, alternately depending on my preference and I've been really impressed! I was first introduced to Shu Uemura's mousse foundation before giving Chanel a try. As much as I like them both, I mostly use the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua because it's easier to blend and has a smoother effect and very well suited for very dry skin (like me.) While Shu is harder to blend, it can tolerate any sweat without having that melty-icky feeling. I just apply it using my hands and I really love these two products! Light weight and so natural!

What are yours? :) xx


Basic needs

   Zara blazer, shirt, legging pants/ Converse shoes/ Massimo Dutti tote bag

  Plain white shirt, blazer, pants, some comfy shoes and the most comfortable and versatile bag so far...these are just some basic essentials I cannot live without. what more do I need today? Definitely none! xx


Summer knit

H&M knit/ Forever21 shorts/ Tory Burch flats/Massimo Dutti tote bag/ bracelet from HK

Summer's in and it's time to pop on some colors. You all know how much I love knits and the gold flecks really won me over! Just paired it with a casual black shorts and flats. 

It's been 30 degrees celsius every single day. What more to wear than a pair of shorts or skirt? xx


Ripped jeans

Max Mara Sports top/ Zara pants & flats/ Chanel bag/ China Glaze High hopes polish

I always look for jeans that I'm sure will last me forever and this is one of them. I love jeans and they're my bestest friends! Especially this summer, ripped jeans really brings that casual on the go vibe, perfect for any outdoor pursuits!

In line with my previous post, my orangey hair says hello! :) Hope you like it as much as I do!


Summer hair

New hair for summer! Been wanting to try some orangey brown color for a long time and I just knew the moment has arrived! Yay or nay? :)


Double lace

Vintage BCBG lace top/ Zara blazer & pants/ Bruno Magli shoes (old)/Prada bag

I've got to say that keeping things are really worth it.  Just found this pair of shoes that's been hidden for years - still in good condition and so alive! The two-toned color is really a plus!

Shoes really make or break any outfit. Thought of wearing it with simple lacy pieces and jeans! xx


White x white

Vintage polo/ Old Escada trousers/ Zara shoes/ LV bag/Dior shades

I think plain whites are against me, been attracting different kinds of stains - food, make-up or just any dirt...every single time. Always have been and guess what, today is my lucky day again and knew it from the moment these photos were shot. You can spot it from the images! :) I just found a way to clean it up afterwards and still wore it throughout the day! 

Moving on, I've been wanting to wear an all white look ever since and it is really perfect for summer (even if the odds are against me) :) You can always wear white on white for an effortless classic look! The sun is really burning hot as always.. and had to wear a pair of shades to catch a decent photo! I know some are really anticipating the summer weather and waiting for the temperature to rise up but please do enjoy the cold weather if you're still experiencing it :) 

Hope you like the look!



Zara top, skirt/Chuck Taylor shoes/Prada bag/Fossil and Swatch watch/H&M straps

Feeling sporty today! I really miss wearing my all time favorite chucks. I know this is not too formal for an office attire but maybe I can jump into this look from time to time! Still paired it up with a pencil skirt (and I love the perforated detail) for appropriateness! How about you? What do you feel today?

And I know, apologies for the disastrous background! It bothers me too but the shoes might just work to kick aside those garbages. Kidding!:) 


Wish wish

La Garconne Moderne sweater here 
Topshop jeans
Zara shoes
Phillip Lim Pashli
Celine Matrix Havana sunnies

I have been craving this pashli bag and Zara shoes for a long long time! Celine sunnies is also haunting me like crazy! Would love to wear it with some ripped jeans and sweater..how about you? Hope you like it! :)



Palazzo pants

Forever 21 jumper/ Byblos vintage trousers/ Promod shoes/ Prada bag

I know it's strange because my outfit really contradicts the weather especially now that it is officially summer! But I don't mind as my mood dictates it. I paired this striped palazzo pants with a mint jumper and some heels as it is quite long if you look closely. I was also thinking of pairing it with a colorful tank top next time! What do you think is better?

Anyhow, I really don't see myself wearing this kind of outfit when I was growing up. It's really funny how we end up liking things we never thought of 10 years ago! But we can never know. I absolutely love it!

PS: Shot this in our ancestral home that was established more than 50 years ago! 


New in

Promod shoes

As you all know I'm currently obsessed with these kinds of shoes and for the past few weeks, I've been particular with heels - not too high, not too low.  They released 2 colors and being me, I got the classic black one vs a shimmery beige tone for wearability! This is just perfect! What do you think? 

I can't believe its already June! xx

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