Zara top, shorts, shoes / Chloe bag / Ray Ban shades

Back again! Apologies for the long overdue post due to hard-pressed weeks of something  I will be sharing soon...very soon.

For this reason, I was back to the beautiful city of Poland and spent an amazing moment with special people, and met a lot of new friends. Of course, I know have to make it up to  all of you so here are some traditional appetizing Polish dishes! Pierogi ( dumplings filled with meat/ pototoes & cheese / blueberries as dessert), Gołąbki ( cabbage leaves wrapped around minced meat and rice), Bigos ( known as "Hunter's Stew" is a traditional Polish meat stew... I love it with plums!) I can't seem to explain everything but I know the photos do. As might be expected, you can never go home without a glass of any alcoholic beverage in this town so there goes!

This country feels like home:) 


Ewelina Blue said...

Wow! :) You were in Poland :D I am from Poland and I am so excited that you was in my country and you eat all this delicious food :) I love Gołąbki and Pierogi :) I hope that you visit in the near future other cities in my country like Kraków, Wrocław or Gdańsk :)

angela said...

Love the top!
Evrything looks delicious btw
Wanna float with us? http://www.floatstardust.blogspot.com
The Floating Team!

Mili said...

Looks like Poland is the land of yummy food :) Can't wait to hear what you were working on! Cute combo of b&w with denim

Mili from call me, Maeby

rocking lace said...

I am in love with the skorts, eventhough everybody wears them!


Dallamoda Dias said...

Cute outfit, really cute bag.

hidden dreams said...

I love pierogi!
Great pics!
You have beauty hair!

Maybe we can follow each other? Just let me know!



nice outfit,like the bag :)

Lucy Mason said...

Beautiful pictures! I love your outfit! xx


Mindy Fan said...

Poland looks like a lot of fun!
I love that bag you have!


Iliana, Anne said...


thanks for the comment!


fashionlikealife said...

Great look :)


eva loukaki said...

lovely post.Great outfit,love the bag xxx

Sonia Umberto said...

I want to eat your food
I'm following u via GFC, hope u can follow back. THX XOXO

Moda della donna


Sylwia Dolores said...

Omg!You were in Poland!:) I am from Poland so I am soo excited that you was in my country. I'm glad that you like polish food and people!
of course you look great as always!
kisses x

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