Taroko Gorge

Stinky Tofu
Din Tai Fung
Here are little glimpses from my short stay in Taiwan! All of it includes hiking at the famous Taroko Park, visiting Tapei 101 and Chang Kai Shek's Memorial and lots and lots of food trips! Yes, almost all photos will make you hungry because as we all know TAIWAN = FOOD.

Of course as you might expect, I was wearing men's Giordano tee, Forever21 blazer, H&M jeans and Toms' shoes at some photos in this post. Me and my friends were quite busy walking, eating...walking eating... and as much as we want to celebrate this awaited trip, we encountered some personal tragic situation. But certainly, I'm just believing that everything happens for a reason. 

Enjoy the photos! :)


TheLittleWhiteBird said...

Nice! I'd love to go there someday!

Kimberley Jade

Patricia G. said...

Uuuuaaauuu beautiful trip! Love Asia and Taiwan looks perfect!

Alicia said...

wow!love this post! and your blog too, i follow you :)


eva loukaki said...

beautiful photos xxx

Gina said...

Those buildings are so cool!, and the food looks so incredibly delicious.
I'm sorry to hear about the tragic situation, I really hope you and your friends are ok.
Great post as always!
XO, Gina

Stephanie Louise said...

OH MY! These photos are so nice! I want to go visit now :)

Sivi said...

lovely your style and your photos are amazing!!!!

so cute!! xoxo

Jaya said...

umm.. so jealous right now! Taiwanese food is so yummy!!! lovely pictures :)

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libys11 said...

loving the travel posts!! the food looks amazing!!! :D
totally loving your blazer too!! :D

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